Why Choose Video?

With over 6 billion videos being viewed on YouTube every month, videos are now a valuable, powerful way to tell your brands story, to showcase your product or service and to engage with your target audience.

Kapture create videos that are compelling, interesting and emotionally engaging to truly make your business come to life online.  



The perfect brand video is only achievable when you truly understand the brand. Here at Kapture we start each and every project with a powerful discovery session where we averse our selves into our true heart of the business 


Were rolling! Now we have the developed concept it’s finally time to bring it to life in true Kapture fashion. This is the stage where we put everything together in front of the cameras. During this process our professional crew of directors, camera operators, sound engineers and lighting technicians do what they do best – produce stunning videos.


Once the video is signed off we don’t just stop there. here at Kapture we find it cruel to leave video’s sitting dormant un activated so we do the hard work for you and show you the best ways to promote your new video. With everything all neatly presented in an activation package you will never have your video unseen again.

Pre Production

Videos don’t just produce themselves over night, it takes planning and preparation to produce the perfect video. Within our pre production stage we make sure that we lay all the ground work for nothing but an exceptional video. This stage is where we figure out the best plan for your business, we decide on the video concept, the look, the feel and the style write the script and lock in all details that are required to produce the video.

Post Production

Now we’ve got the beautifully shot RAW videos it’s now time to put the icing on the cake and build all this into a beautifully crafted story. Our in-house post-production team kicks into overdrive handling colour-correction, music recommendations, recording of any voice-overs create graphics and in general making sure the video is exactly what was planned in the pre-production stage.

“We’re operating in world where one good video can lead to a massive social following”

Mike Henry